Long Weekend Bits

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! I sure did. The four-day weekend was such a welcome, and I've got to say, it is possible to do almost nothing for four days! We tried to get all our errands done the first day, so we could enjoy each other's company and spend time with our furry ones. The man found his wedding tux, which was just....oh my! Before I get carried away, here are bits of our weekend:

easter weekend_edited-1

Perfect Sunday lunch and dinner roast:

Fresh French roll with smoked ham, turkey and spicy chicken; wheat crackers with Saint Agur and Doux de Montagne + JUGS of Pimm's

Slow-roasted NZ lamb with mashed potatoes, olive-lemon drizzled beans and Caprese salad + Giribaldi Barbaresco 2004

Nothing beats relaxing on our couch in our beautiful home with JUGS of Pimm's. Yup, JUGS. The man makes a mean mix of Pimm's. While it's easy to pick a ready-mixed bottle of Pimm's, we like to make our own (I'll share the mix once I confirm the ingredients with the man). Happy Tuesday!  x