Two Favorites In One

After being in London for a year and a half, I've forgotten how to walk in heels. London streets can be brutal on your feet. The unpredictable weather makes it tricky for choices and for the first few months, I constantly came home with wet feet and drenched ballerina flats. Ever since then, I decided to go back to basics: shoes I used to wear back in high school - Converse. Perfect for running around the city, and I always carry a pair of pretty flats in my bag to change into once I've reached my destination.

Then I saw this...

 (Image:  HighSnobiety  / Layout:  Nina L )

(Image: HighSnobiety / Layout: Nina L)

 Spring 2012 Missoni for Converse, available April 14th.

Forget the extra pair of flats in the bag. I'm wearing these with everything - jeans, leggings, dresses; styled with a leather jacket, blazer, trench; add a favorite pair of sunglasses, light scarf and a messy bun - spring chic!

I've just looked up the UK site and it seems they might not be available here?! I need to find a way to get these.  x