New Look

Welcome to my new site! I decided to put more effort into blogging, and needed a new space for a cleaner design. Squarespace makes it so much easier for me to create the look I wanted. Simplicity is key. I hope you like what I've done so far. It's not quite complete, as there are still some adjustments I need to sort out, so please bear with me. 

In the meantime, few things to look forward to this weekend:

 ( image )
  • Halloween fun! This year we worked on six pumpkins - carved two (Ben's first pumpkin ever) and the remaining four are covered in glitter, crystal stickers and paint.
  • Catching a midnight viewing (like teenagers!) of Skyfall. We'll need to find a way to stay up past 11pm to make it to the theater!
  • Spending some quality time with a dear friend who arrives tonight.
  • Time for some mulled wine and pumpkin spice latte, I think. Temperatures have dropped!(5°C / 41°F)