Feature: YSL Beauty


I don't usually write about makeup or anything beauty related cause I'm pretty clueless. I didn't really start wearing makeup until college, and I still struggle with it. Most girls went through their mothers' extensive makeup collection. Not me. My mother was a corporate lady so experimenting with bold makeup wasn't quite her thing. She stuck to classics, and from a young age, told me I didn't need makeup as natural beauty is the best (in my view, the best confidence booster ever).

I never really had bad complexion *touch wood* but as I get older, I do find the need to cover my dark circles or even out my complexion now and then. I experimented with different makeup brands (high street/drugstore to designer), and one that always agreed with me, through seasons and various types of weather, is YSL. It's not the cheapest, but it's not ridiculously expensive either.

Best of all, their products work for me.  As I'm not used to wearing makeup all the time, one thing that concerned me was how the products felt on my skin. I never wore foundation until I found the Touche Éclat Foundation, which is light enough to even out my complexion, and makes my skin feel soft. It lasts all day and not once did I ever feel like scratching it off my face (yes, that's how I generally feel about heavy makeup. I struggled on my wedding day!)

All the products you see are ones I'm currently using or have used in the past. Perhaps you might find something that finally works for you as well, ladies. Guys - great as a beauty gift set or stocking fillers! Have a great weekend! x