Me, Myself & I

I came across this link-up on KV's Confessions and thought it's such a great way for all of you to get to know a little more about me. Featured every 3rd Tuesday of the month, Me, Myself & I is hosted by KV's Confessions, My Beautiful, Crazy Life, Whispering Sweet Nothings, The Life of the Wife, For Love of a Cupcake and this month's co-host, Bits of Splendor. I realize this is #5 of the Me, Myself & I link-up but it's my first time participating, so here goes:

1. What are your top 5 favorite movies to watch during the Holidays?

There's something about the holidays that makes me want to curl up and watch romantic comedies. I can never get enough of these:

  • The Holiday (I lived in LA, and moved to the UK two years ago. I visited the Cotswolds and felt like Cameron Diaz (the snow, cottages, pubs, cows and sheep in the backyard and a very sweet man - my husband)
  • Bridget Jones's Diary 
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (This movie makes me miss New York and reminds me of how I thought I would grow up working in a publishing house a la Andie Anderson but ended up in advertising like Benjamin Barry)
  • The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds. Need I say more?)
  • Clueless (I'm calling this a 90's classic)

2. It’s the month of giving thanks, what are you most thankful for?

I'm thankful for all the people in my life who have taught me the meaning of genuine kindness and love, especially my family. I'm also thankful for all the people who are no longer in my life as they have taught me to walk away from negativity, and embrace the fact that not every person I have created memories with is meant to be in my life permanently. Most importantly, I'm thankful for my husband (the man, Ben) who always keeps it real and understands that the little details make all the difference.  

3. If there was a quote or verse to describe your life, what would it be?

"Per Aspera Ad Astra" - Seneca
(Through hardships to the stars)

This quote reminds me that everything wonderful and worthwhile requires hard work.

4. Who in your family are you most alike?

I'd like to think I'm a great combination of both my parents but my husband and friends say I'm exactly like my dad - small in stature but we can definitely hold our ground. Plus, I'm a true daddy's girl (youngest and the only girl!)

nina and dad.jpg

5. What is your favorite drink order at Starbucks? 

Triple tall one pump vanilla Caramel Macchiato with less caramel, Chai Tea Latte and Triple tall no whip Espresso Frappuccino.

I'd like to know you better, so join in the fun. Please let me know if you've linked up so I know to check out your sites!