Our Christmas

Our table setting

Côte de Boeuf, Truffle Gnocchi & Lemon Roasted Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts

Christmas lunch: Salad, smoked salmon, mini chorizo, pate, cheese platter - brie, stilton & truffle 

 The man opening one of many gifts!

The man opening one of many gifts!

Sophie's Christmas snap hide

Chloe's Christmas cupcake

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We pretty much stayed home, opened gifts and hibernated on the couch! We finally caught up with some friends last night and had an amazing time. Dinner at Hix was a bit of a miss, but the drinks never disappoint. We ended the night (by that I mean 12am) with more drinks at Bob Bob Ricard - got to love an establishment with "press for Champagne" buttons at every booth and a basement bar reminiscent of the Orient Express. 

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! x

(all photos by Nina, except for Bob Bob Ricard's bar)