Gift Guide: For Teens

Shopping for teens can be tricky (and in my view, the hardest). There is a very fine line between finding gifts that are perfect and borderline childish. Teens tend to want to dress and act older than their age, so do keep that in mind when shopping for them. Gifts for teens don't necessarily have to fully focus on gadgets. Furniture for a more grown up room or a classic piece of jewelry or watch will work well too. I know when I was a teen, the first thing I wanted was a less childish bedroom. Then I slowly started changing the way I dressed, and paid more attention to quality than novelty. Hopefully these gift guides will help!

For Him

I know some items are slightly expensive, but I think this is a good time to really teach teens to take good care of things they own. First of all, I know this should be taught from a really young age, but to be honest, most children will not fully understand the concept of responsibility until they are much older.

My father bought my brother and I a pair of TAG Heuer watches when my brother was 15 and I was 11, and made it very clear that we needed to be responsible for them. If we lost or damaged the watches, there would be no replacement. The watches were the first "big" gifts that we received. It made us feel grown-up and we made every effort to learn how to take good care of them. After my parents saw how responsible we were with our first big gifts, they started trusting us with other gifts, usually family-owned pieces they knew would last us through the years. We still have the Tags 26 years later, and they are in mint condition. As a matter of fact, we still wear them and never had to repair them all these years.

So, take a chance on your teens. Teach them responsibility and trust them to embrace it.