In my bag: Travel essentials

As I mentioned a few days ago, I'll be traveling next week. For me, the most important bag to pack is my handbag. What you see below are all the items I always need to pack whenever I travel. 

travel bag essentials.JPG

In my Peekaboo:

  • Wallet 
  • Travel wallet - best purchase ever! Totally affordable and so useful. I bought a bunch and gave them to friends & family who travel a lot
  • Blackberry, iPad (preloaded with e-books and movies), iPod
  • Globe-trotter agendaI need my pen & paper; I find it hard to keep notes on my Blackberry
  • Comfy clothes - it's always good to bring a change of clothes to lounge and sleep in for night flights or flights that are more than 12 hours. That way my airport outfit stays clean when I arrive
  • Crystals - I always carry crystals in my handbag wherever I go (I move them around with me every time I switch bags)
  • Skincare/in-flight necessities - body lotion, lip balm, lip color, eye drops, contact lens case, No Puffery cooling eye mask, perfume sample, glasses

I'd love to know - what are some of your travel essentials?

Have a beautiful weekend!  x