Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend. I've been seeing a lot of Halloween party pics lately, and it just dawned on me that everyone's celebrating early because Halloween falls on Thursday (which is the start of our weekend here). I'm beyond excited, although not too happy that our costumes haven't arrived yet (eek)!

The past week has been rather eventful.

  • A girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of happy hour over sunset at Barasti Bar (one of the more casual bars in Dubai).
  • The next day, we decided to check out Ski Dubai. I learned how to ski in a mall, of all places. Some instructors there weren't particularly friendly. I got yelled at because I was taking too long to get up after I fell over, which proceeded with a whole lot of rudeness towards my man, our friends and myself. I was basically told I had to take lessons if I didn't know how to ski - which was exactly what I was doing (taught by my husband and friends who've skied their whole lives), and exactly what a lot of other people were doing on the same slope. Some people certainly have a magnified ego from putting on a bright yellow suit that says "instructor."  We had fun nonetheless and I'm keen on heading back every week until I become a bad-ass skier. 
  • I've been semi obsessed with this easy, healthy snack - sweet basil tomato with light feta on Ryvita pumpkin seeds and oats crispbread. So easy to make and fills you up fast.
  • I'm trying to find other ways to incorporate some good cardio into my workouts so I told the man I'd join him on his ride. I haven't been on a bike in 14 years. Last time I was on one, I distinctively remember falling off into the bush. It wasn't much different this time; I cycled into the wall. Rough start, but managed to squeeze in 18km before I started to cry (weak sauce)! 
  • What do you do with leftover super ripe bananas? Turn them into muffins. I used this recipe (with less milk and more bananas). I can't quite tell if they're a success. 
  • I'll get a link up soon on my sidebar - my photos are now available for sale on Society6! I'm working on my Etsy store, and will keep you guys posted! 

Hope your week is going well so far. I'm excited to see everyone's Halloween pics. x