Please excuse the sporadic posts - there have been so much going on lately.

  • My parents came to visit for about 10 days. Despite being massive travelers, they've never been to the region and it was definitely a pleasant surprise for them. They had such a great time, they've booked flights to come back next month to celebrate New Year's Eve with us!
  • We're off to Australia for two weeks next Tuesday (YAY)! We're spending a few days in a secluded resort in Margaret River before we head on to Perth for a wedding. Then we're off to Hunter Valley and bringing granddad along! The man and I will then spend our last few nights soaking up what Sydney has to offer before heading back to move into our new home!

That's right, we're homeowners and so, so happy. Who would've thought we'd officially call Dubai home?! So much to be thankful for, and so many great things to look forward to! 

Keep your head up, keep your thoughts happy, be thankful and good things will happen. Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies. x