Hello from Dubai x

Hi guys, just wanted to drop by and say HELLO! Sorry for the lack of posts this week - there's so much to do before we move into our new place next Friday. We're currently staying in a serviced apartment and spending our time navigating the city. We're also battling the worst jet-lag ever. I'm not sure if it's the time difference (we're currently four hours ahead of London, which I assumed wouldn't have been a problem) or stress. We've been staying up until 3-4am every night since we arrived and surviving on very little sleep!

I will work on getting back to regular posts next week. I still need to get used to the different week schedule: weekends here are Friday and Saturday, weekdays are Sunday to Thursday. I'm sure with time I'll get used to it - this just means I'll need to think about how to schedule my posts. I'm inclined to follow the local week schedule here (i.e.. post Sunday-Thursday). Thoughts? 

Time to explore and enjoy the great weather with a huge glass of iced-tea (I'm on an alcohol detox - so far so good). Have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog! x