Stavronikita Project: The Life Above Refined Below

Austrian photographer, Andreas Franke, has created another breathtaking underwater exhibition - Stavronikita Project: The Life Above Refined Below. This time it is at the bottom of the Caribbean off the coast of Barbados at the sunken SS Stavronikita. His previous exhibition, titled Vandenberg: Life Below the Surface, was at the sunken USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg ship located off the coast of Florida.

Franke’s latest project explores the decadent lifestyle of the wealthy during the Rococo era as it is juxtaposed with the decaying freight ship and swarming marine life as its backdrop. The Viennese artist uses images of his models imitating the period of opulent abundance as a contrasting visual to his deep sea captures of the SS Stavronikita, creating an intriguing image rich with interpretation.

Stavronikita is on display underwater at a depth of 80 ft. through April 2013.

(all images and quote via My Modern Metropolis)