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I started getting back into yoga after moving to Dubai while on a search for a suitable Pilates reformer private trainer. I never realized how much I missed it until I started practicing again, and lucky for me, I found an instructor (in my view, teaching style is very important, especially for someone like me who has had multiple serious injuries) and a style that fit me well. To add variety to my practice, I take a combination of Vinyasa Yoga, Yogalates and Pilates Stretch classes. Besides a suitable instructor and style, I like to make sure I have the right accessories for my practice. 

  1. Yogitoes Hand Size rSkidless Towel - I find it very hard to concentrate on a pose when I'm literally dripping in sweat; more so if my mat gets wet. I like to layer the towel when I have to lay on my mat, and to help prevent slipping.
  2. LVRBK Mat - Yoga mats and Pilates mats tend to differ in thickness. Since I'm taking both classes, it can be a hassle having to carry two mats, or layer up on mats. I stumbled across the LVRBK Mat and it is definitely on my wish list. Perhaps a little birthday gift for myself next month! 
  3. All-grip Yoga Brick - Most studios stock up on foam blocks and since I have tiny hands, I find it hard to grip the regular blocks. These will help me a lot. Once again, something I need to add to my fitness bag.
  4. Stirlen Chi Mat Cleanser - I sweat a lot during class and I'm particular about my mat being clean. I make sure my mat is wiped clean then hung to air dry.
  5. Simple Facial Wipes - I use these daily, and they are so refreshing after a class (especially after I've been pressing my face onto a sweat-soaked towel and mat).
  6. Yogitoes hBand - I can't workout without my headband. This prevents sweat from dripping down my face or into my eyes while I'm holding a pose. They come in various colors!
  7. BKR Water Bottle - I always carry a non-plastic bottle of water with me to class, and this is one bottle I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while now (they're not easily available in Dubai). I love that it's glass and the different colored-sleeves make it a treat.

What are some of your Yoga, Pilates or fitness essentials? I'd like to know! x

**My site was previously named Anything et Everything, hence the link above.