Successful vs. unsuccessful people

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I certainly did. Friday (our equivalent of Saturday) is usually our cheat day, which means we get to eat and drink most things we don't get to enjoy the rest of the week. It's funny the things you miss when you start to limit the kinds of food you eat. Fridays are now "Roast, Cocktail and TV Fridays," and I totally love it. We spent most of Saturday on a double lunch date with a fun couple (my yoga instructor and her man) from NY who moved here the same time we did. After a four-hour lunch, the man and I continued house hunting and saw some places which definitely made us feel more more comfortable about investing in our future family home. It'll be our first time as homeowners and boy, it's intimidating. 

  (photo taken in Hua Hin, Thailand by me)

 (photo taken in Hua Hin, Thailand by me)

Some recent conversations and dealings with certain people has got me wondering how some people be so selfish in life? I know it's a heavy topic for the start of the week, but it's been bugging me. My grandmother and parents taught me from a young age that the more you give, the more you get. That doesn't necessarily mean you will get more material possession from helping others. It means that you live a fuller life - you get more out of life (and I believe, more happiness) when you help others unconditionally. 

Hope your week is off to a great start! x

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