I've spent the past few days in and out of the clinic getting checkups and a surprise wisdom tooth extraction. On the bright side, fall has been filled with activities and creativity. (click on photos to enlarge)

I bought myself a birthday treat! Love them!  ▪  I needed to fill some wall space in my office so I decided to go with an inspiration board filled with photos, souvenirs and cards I love.  ▪  The weather is finally cool enough for us to head to the beach! (Everywhere else, summer's the best time to head to the beach. Not in Dubai!) We had such a relaxing day swimming in the ocean and laying out with some friends while admiring the Burj Al Arab and some super yachts.  ▪  Gluten free pancakes for breakfast to start the day right.  ▪  I found an amazing craft store (similar to Michael's) and couldn't wait to create a few pretty pieces. What do you think?  ▪  We can finally enjoy our coffee in the backyard during the weekends. So far we've lasted about 15 minutes, but Sophie's definitely enjoying the morning breeze (while it lasts).  ▪  The pretty sandals arrived in a huge Matches Fashion box, which Chloe has now claimed as her play box.