Source:  AP  via  Popsugar

Source: AP via Popsugar

It's the start of the weekend, my man's home from business travel and I've got my new site going! I'm still working on getting my artwork photographed and will have them up on the site as soon as I can. In the mean time, a few reads for the weekend:

  • I tweeted this a week ago.  A lot of people seem to be over Starbucks, but their new marketing and design strategy is just genius. A store on a train in Switzerland. A drive-through made of pre-fab shipping containers. A New Orleans store adorned with brass-instrument chandelier. A cave-like store in Japan. Stunning. 
  •  I've been looking for a new way to exercise this year. This caught my attention. I would love to give it a go but the price makes me want to cry. Have you guys ever tried this? 
  • I've always been blessed with reasonably good skin (touch wood), but as I get older I find myself drawn to skincare and beauty guides. Martha Stewart's routine is overwhelming, but if someone her age with what I assume would be an incredibly busy schedule can take enough time out of her day to take care of herself, so can I. Time to update my skincare routine.
  • I recently started watching Scandal and one thing everyone is raving about (besides Fitz) is Olivia Pope's amazing work outfits. This site gives users a chance to shop outfits inspired by their favorite shows. Olivia's cashmere coat as seen in Season 3, episode 9? Max Mara. There's a link to purchase it too. Genius.
  • I love finding thoughtful and unique gifts, and this rustic beauty fits the bill. 
  • A new find and love - Grey Area.

I'd love your thoughts on the new site (issues, things you like, etc)! Have a lovely weekend. x