CNY Luxe Gifts | Year of the Horse 新年快乐

The Year of the Snake is coming to an end tomorrow and Friday marks the start of the Year of the Horse (apparently an auspicious year to have babies, FYI). This is our first year celebrating Chinese New Year in Dubai and I'm all sorts of excited. We've invited a close group of friends to celebrate the eve of the New Year with us at Ba at Fairmont Palm. New Year's eve is a special day as most families spend all day preparing for the reunion dinner. Others spend the day traveling home for this reunion. It's exactly like Thanksgiving but we continue our eating spree for the next 10-15 days (not in our home now but it's hard to avoid if you have grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles feeding you every time they see you). 

The first day of the Lunar New Year is usually spent at home with family. We don't have any plans for the day yet, but I've heard there might be some Chinese New Year-related activities at Madinat Jumeirah. I'm sure excited to put on my new dress (it's mandatory to wear something new on the first day of Chinese New Year) and get the new year started! If you haven't found yourself something new, red or sparkly, these designers have got you covered.

To all of you who are celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year. If you're traveling, stay safe! For those of you who have never experienced this celebration, do join in the fun. Many cities have special activities planned (Chinatown area is always a good place to start). May the new year be blessed with great health, happiness and success. x

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