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Hope you guys had a lovely week. The weather is finally warming up here, although it has also gotten significantly more gray. Can't wait for it to be spring when all the flowers are blooming and there aren't piles of coats/scarves/socks/gloves all over the place. :) Recently we were advised by residents to be aware of copperhead snakes come spring. EEK. I've never really had to think about snakes at all most of my life. Guess we're not in the city anymore! Have a wonderful weekend. x

  • My good friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday, and as I sent her a congratulatory note, I couldn't help but think of this
  • Many often mistake a company's culture for their mission statement or values; but really, "culture is the behavior you reward and punish." 
  • As parents, we're constantly juggling a million things. Would you try a wholesome, organic meal subscription for your kids? 
  • Speaking of food, Massimo Bottura of three Michelin star Osteria Francescana in Modena will be creating a menu for Gucci Osteria, located within Gucci Garden in Florence. Yes, that Gucci.  
  • During my job search, I came across some interesting roles. While none of them are based in NC (not so good for me), I thought I'd share: check them out here and here.
  • This got me so excited it's slightly embarrassing. Anyone who grew up in an Asian household will fully understand my joy.