Time flies when you're making plans

My last post was the public announcement of my pregnancy. So what happened between then and now? A whole lot.

I spent the remainder of the month soaking up every bit of my job, and preparing for life with a newborn (primarily decorating and redecorating). Throughout my pregnancy, I didn't read a single baby book because I didn't want to be fixated on what "should" or "shouldn't" be done, and simply enjoy the journey of carrying a precious life, savoring every kick and wriggle and trusting my instinct. Halfway through my pregnancy, I decided I was going to try for a water birth, and started attending hypnobirthing classes (it wasn't as hippy as I imagined in to be) in preparation for the big day. 

Our little Olivia was born in November 2015, and our lives changed. We experienced love like we've never felt before, and realized the early stages of parenthood were so much harder than we imagined it to be. Our home was constantly buzzing with people - my husband, my parents, live-in helper and a confinement nanny nurse - who were there to help me as best as they could after my post-birth trauma (more in a separate post). 


About ten months later, my little family and I packed our bags, bid Dubai farewell, and flew off to Singapore for a one-year stint. Yep - one year. After a year of what felt like a whole lot of unpacking and repacking, we made our way to North Carolina and the freezing cold.

So here I am, almost three years on from my last post, sharing my new life and perspective. 2018, I've got big plans for you!


xo Nina