Skincare & Beauty Simplified

There was a time I followed a strict skincare routine, emulating the many Asian beauty influencers who always seem to have flawless skin. During my pregnancy, I started shifting towards natural products to soothe my skin. I also stopped wearing any fragrance for more than a year. Post-baby, I chose to catch up on sleep when I had the time instead of indulging in a 5-step routine (and eventually, any sort of skincare routine started to wane because I was perpetually exhausted). My skin started to suffer so I began searching for ingredient-rich products that were natural and beneficial to my skin. I started to simplify my beauty routine as well, relying on a few favorites. 

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Pink Clay Bar // No.1 Serum // Rosebud Salve // Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer // 3-Dot Liner // Chubby Stick Cheek Balm

What are some of your skincare + beauty essentials? Do you follow are strict routine or simply wing it? 

PS. I'm on the lookout for a good, lightweight, hydrating foundation/tinted moisturizer/CC cream. Please share your recommendations!